Uma Gnanasambandam

Full-stack Developer

I'm Uma, an expat with a background in full-stack development who enjoys both reading books and cooking.
Uma Gnanasambandam
Kan je wat meer vertellen over jezelf?

I hail from India, where I completed my bachelor’s degree. Subsequently, I relocated to Germany to pursue a master’s degree in computer science. At present, my focus is on advancing my career as a full-stack developer while also gaining a deeper understanding of work culture, particularly in a new international context.

Waar liggen jouw kwaliteiten?

In the software development realm, versatility is key. I firmly believe that a developer should possess the ability to work across multiple languages and diverse frameworks, adapting to the unique requirements of each project. Personally, I am confident in my proficiency with a range of technologies, including JavaScript, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, as well as front-end frameworks like Vue and React, complemented by my skills in database management with MySQL. This flexibility ensures I can effectively tackle a broad spectrum of development challenges.

Wat is het leukste wat je hebt meegemaakt met Active Collective?

Every month ushers in fresh opportunities for developers, with a continuous stream of new projects to undertake. These projects offer a chance to delve into cutting-edge frameworks, innovative concepts, and creative design implementations. The dynamic nature of the field ensures that developers are consistently exposed to novel challenges and solutions.

Wie was vroeger jouw idool?

I don’t subscribe to the concept of having idols; instead, I prefer to draw positive qualities and traits from those in my surroundings. I believe that people possess unique strengths, and by observing and learning from various individuals, I can cultivate a well-rounded set of characteristics. This approach allows me to develop my own identity and values while benefiting from the diversity of perspectives around me. Ultimately, my aim is to continually grow and improve by assimilating the best qualities I encounter from different sources.

Mogen wij jouw digitale product ontwikkelen?

Probeer je levens van mensen makkelijker of efficiënter te maken, maar loop je vast op de ontwikkeling van een digitaal product? Bij Active Collective ontwikkelen we software voor verschillende sectoren. Wel hebben we specialistische ervaring binnen het Life Sciences & Health Care domein. Welke behoefte je ook hebt; Wij denken met je mee en komen samen tot de perfecte digitale oplossing voor jouw menselijke vraagstuk.


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